Teikiame pilnų ir dalinių krovinių pervežimo paslaugas įvairių tipų sunkvežimiais

Partial Cargo

The partial cargo is the way, when with one vehicle is transporting two or more clients cargo. This helps to save the majority of clients, because you don‘t need to rent all the truck, but only the space how much your cargo occupies. It is also fast and much more cheaper way.

Where do we carry partial cargoes?

UAB "Galaka" is transported to and from the following countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland , Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Ireland, Benelux and CIS countries.

Partial loads choosing

The possibility of partial cargo transportation to UAB "Galaka" customers allows you to bring the necessary quantity of goods or materials at your convenience. Partial cargo transportation in our company grows every year by 20%.

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